Time Management Workshop & Courses In Mumbai

Achieve More in Less
“The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot.”

-Michael Altahuler


Want some extra time each day to take care of your business? Or wish you had some more time to spend with family? Free up your time to achieve balance in your life. Realize the difference between what you are doing and what you need to be doing. Identify your time wasters and figure out where you need to invest your time. Learn techniques and tools to help you achieve more in less time. Increase the productive value of your time in our upcoming Time management Workshop in Mumbai.

Who Should Attend

Most of us need to. Anyone who wants to get out of the “No Time” syndrome and manage time effectively. For all those who wish they had some more time must attend our exclusive time management training workshop.


  • Identify how you manage your time now
  • Break myths about time savers
  • Identify common time wasters
  • Set goals and priorities to help you use time effectively
  • Know tips and tools for effective time management


  • Analyse your time management
  • Common In-effective ways of time management
  • Design your time management quadrants
  • Busting the myth of multitasking
  • Doing 1 thing at a timenleash the power of visualization and affirmation
  • Saying NoAct and achieve your dreams
  • De clutter your mind
  • Determine your goals and action plans


Presentation, lecture, practical exercise and tools


1 day (9:30AM – 5:30PM)