Shailendra Jadhav

Head - New Markets, Remarketing & Procurement
Arval - BNP Paribas

I joined the course more as a formality rather than from a strong desire for transformation. I believed that with my experience and exposure, a few hours sessions could not add much value. But hats off to Arvind for his skills and persistence in getting me deeply involved in the sessions and truly introspect. I can recommend the session with a lot of confidence since it managed to bring about a transformation in me and got me thinking about my life and career in ways that i had forgotten i could think.


Vijay Doiphode

"Take Charge of Your Life, NOW!" was an enriching one-to-one interactive session which I had with Lifecoach Arvind and I am glad to admit that this has definitely assisted me to understand and appreciate the nuances of Life.A whole new dimension is added empowering me to strive and achieve what I yearn for.Arvind is sharp,articulate and an empathising Coach who brings home the facts,theory with patience and precision.I will surely recommend him to my pals and wish him success in his future endeavours.

Vijay Doiphode

Mahaveer Bagrecha

Standard Chartered Bank, India

When chips are down in life, we tend to try changing and blaming a lot of external things. Arvind helped me realize how easy it is to achieve what you want by following some simple rules in life in a structured way. I am already on the journey to achieve my goals, thanks to Achieve ThySelf.


Vivek Tibrewala

GP Offset Pvt. Ltd.

I attended the 2day workshop conducted by Arvind over the weekend. “Life coaching” – I had no idea what he was going to speak, had heard a lot about this terminology but never paid attention. Arvind is an excellent speaker & has a good command over the English language. He made us feel very comfortable to speak about ourselves, our inhibitions to speak of things going right & wrong in our lives. He made us think, he made us ponder and ask ourselves the question “What are we doing? Where are we headed? He would always give examples from his experience, which guided us to speak up. The 2 days flew by very easily and at no point did Arvind make the topics boring or slow to make us fall asleep. Thank you Arvind for a wonderful session and I wish you the very best for this venture of yours.


Trapit Jain

Mohnot instruments P. Ltd.

Introspection techniques during the course allowed me to become more aware of who I am and what is it that i really want in life. Reflecting upon the events in my life, I realized how I am responsible for my choices. The session helped in realizing the difference others make in ones life and I see this as an essential for appreciating people in my life. This course offers a safe place to be your self, and openly share about yourself with others and helped me understand myself at a much deeper level.


Swati Mirani

Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

Achieve Thyself, a session where one gets good time and direction to think about what one’s life is all about. Normally we get so busy in our daily routine, we ignore our true dreams and what we wish to do. During the 2 full days of workshop with a superb coach Arvind, Achieve Thyself empowers us with the right thought processes and tools to find out what is best in us. Thank you Arvind for helping me arrive at a few important decisions in my life.


Sushant jain

Capgemini India Pvt Ltd

Your sessions are fun and fascinating adventurous journey into the realms of personal development, personal effectiveness and happiness. Your passion and knowledge coupled with excellent ability to articulate your thoughts impacted me to an extent that I have made several changes in the way I work by effectively prioritizing it and balance my personal time. Clearly inspired me to think about how I can be better and Achieve my dreams, especially by helping me figure out what exactly I want to do rather than doing what others thought was the right thing to do. Thank You very much".


Naresh Jain

Director, Welcome Gifts

Throughout my life, so far, i was never comfortable speaking formally even in presence of 2 people. After attending 10 sessions of Art of Public speaking at Achieve ThySelf, my confidence increased multifold and now I feel no fear even if I have to address an audience of 100 in a conference.This public speaking course was a wonderful experience and I would strongly recommend others to attend this program. Though initially I felt I had to take productive time out from my business, it turned out to be a worthy investment where in return it changed my life by making me comfortable when it comes to speaking in front of a strange audience.



Partner, Chhajed & Doshi

A genius of a coach, who makes his CLIENTS looks like geniuses! Arvind coached me for my talk. Arvind suggested starting big, getting people on their feet, to energize the audience, talk about being in tune with the audience and then, he had an even better idea. "Piyush, consider closing the speech by doing something unusual.”My first speech at an external forum went so well, that I was invited to speak again after a month. There is no bigger compliment than that. I couldn't have done it without the inspiration and confidence that Arvind gave me. He trains you in a manner that keeps things exciting and adds new and different twists for every new audience. I actually love motivational speaking now and look forward to each and every opportunity.


CA Aruna Dhanesha

Partner, Chhajed & Doshi

Art of Public Speaking course is not just about conquering fear but also about creating confidence. I got the courage to think and now strongly believe, "it's not what others think, its what you think about yourself that counts".
Arvind not only brings out the confidence in you, he also doubles up as a mentor.


Uday Shah

With the Art of Public Speaking program at Achieve Thyself, in addition to gaining confidence while speaking, I got immensely benefitted as I got to know myself during my personal interactions with Arvind. Thanks to Arvind for putting great efforts in helping me.


Darshan Sheth

“Art of Public Speaking” at Achieve ThySelf, has helped me to be able to stand in front of public and talk with confidence. It was a wonderful learning experience. Here, I not only had fun but at the same time also learnt about ways to present myself in front of an audience. This is the podium where one can put in all the necessary efforts to master the art of public speaking. In ten sessions, I have become more confident than ever. I discovered that one could just be oneself, open up and speak without fear."


Shivani Dave

I had a wonderful experience meeting new people and learning new things. I overcame my big fear of public speaking. At Achieve ThySelf, I achieved confidence in myself


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