Smart Goal Setting Workshop In Mumbai

Resolutions to Results
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

-Nelson Mandela


We all have dreams and we all set goals to achieve these dreams. Unfortunately, resolutions are usually made with the thought of failure in mind. Setting a goal is easy, but driving it to completion is a challenge.

Resolutions to results is a program designed to provide with tools and techniques that help one bridge the gap between a wish list and an achieved list.

Who Should Attend

All who strive for a better, bigger and brighter future. Those who feel as underachievers inspite of the potential that they have


  • Identify reasons for non – achievement of goals
  • Determine factors that lead to procrastination
  • Overcoming the fear of failure
  • Setting goals – the right way
  • Creating a path to achieve results


  • What causes failure?
  • Perfection – the biggest hurdle
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Overcoming self doubt
  • Act – it’s a must


Presentation, lecture, practical exercise


1 day (2:00PM – 5:30PM)