About Us

Success, in any form, tastes sweeter when the force behind all the efforts to achieve it is one’s personal satisfaction or burning desire. Achieve ThySelf is an initiative to help you awaken your forgotten dreams, reignite your passions and translate them into reality.
At Achieve ThySelf, we believe in transforming along with enhancing your capabilities and skills. The key to this self-transformation and achieving this redefined success is embedded in our core philosophy, which is

Achievement OF ThySelf

  • Achieve victory over self thereby growing as an individual

In our endeavor to succeed, as we achieve our dreams, we also learn, grow and mature as individuals thereby, achieving victory over our current self.

"To master oneself is the greatest achievement you can make, for once you have mastered yourself the universe opens for you."

Achievement BY ThySelf

  • Take responsibility and ownership of one’s life

Our success lies in our hands. Unless we are driven by our own desire to reach our goals, no external source of motivation can sustain our efforts till the end and help us achieve what we set out for.

“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your arms.”

Achievement FOR Thyself:

  • Only happiness within can spread happiness around

We can give only what we have. Everything that we do has to first make us happy, for only then can we share that happiness. A 'selfless' person is in reality one that finds this personal happiness in helping others. If this doesn't make you happy, you will not do it and you won't find yourself helping people.

"Being selfish is the most selfless thing you can do, because it’s only when you take care of yourself, can you truly take care of others."

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